Back to School Vehicles that Fit the Whole Family

back to school vehicles that fit the whole family

Get a Car for the Family that isn’t a “Soccer Mom” Car

Getting a new car is always exciting! You get to think about the kinds of styles, models, trimming, and everything else you’ll be enjoying for years to come. Only thing is, we’re not the devil-may-care rabble-rousers we used to be. In addition to getting that adrenaline rush on the highway, you also need something that you can take to the kids to school in. You need something that’s safe and reliable. But just because you’ve got the precious cargo in the back doesn’t mean you need that sports mom car! Here are some great options for back to school vehicles that will be perfect for mom and dad, and even learning drivers!

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The Coolest Vehicles for Getting Back to the School Year

Whether it’s back to school season for you or for the kids, here are some affordable, dependable models fit for anyone in the family!

Subaru WRX

a subaru WRX is a great back to school vehicles

If you live in a place that gets a lot of snow, you can’t really do better than a Subaru. They consistently perform extremely well in hazardous conditions like heavy snow. In fact, Subarus were rated as the safest cars of 2019 by Forbes. You’ll have total control over your vehicle with standard equipped all-wheel drive and anti-lock braking system on all WRX models. We’ve got some great ones in stock right now, as a matter of fact! They’re a great way to get everyone where they need to be safely, and they look pretty slick, too!

the Subaru outback is not a soccer mom car!

Do you like the sound of a Subaru… but need more room than a sedan? Check out the Forester or the Outback!

BMW X1 Series

the BMW X1 isn't a sports mom car, it's a great car all around!

Okay, so you need to actually get the kids to soccer practice (there are other sports, too, you know)! Either way, show up riding in style. The BMW X1 series of SUV’s have the extra room you need for all the sports equipment without sacrificing style. Not to mention it has a great safety rating. It’s got all-wheel drive, plenty of trunk space, and even a moonroof! Style, comfort, safety, room for the extra junk, the BMW X1 series has it all. If this sounds like the vehicle for you, check out the ones we have in stock on our website. Who says school cars can’t be cool cars?

Honda Ridgeline

the Honda Ridgeline is a truck, yes, but also one of the best back to school vehicles out there!

You generally don’t see a lot of pickup trucks on the list for safe vehicles for the whole family. However, the Ridgeline has the distinction of picking up the IIHS’s Top Safety Pick Award.

It’s a great pick for safety, and it’s a great pick if you need to get the kids around but still need a pickup truck for the big jobs. You’ve got plenty of space in the cab for kids, it’s super roomy. And there’s plenty of space in the trunk for tools, sports gear, a spare tire or anything else. We just so happen to have some Ridgelines in stock right now, so why not take a look?

Volkswagen Jetta

nothin' wrong with a classic jetta

So how about the recent high school graduate in your life? That first year away at college can be a tough time for kids and parents, even if the campus is only a trip up the highway. But if you want to get home for the weekend for some visiting with the family (or to get that load of laundry done) why not opt for something that will get you up and down the highway in only a single tank?

Volkswagen makes great diesel-powered vehicles like the Jetta. The Jetta is a great car for your kids to start out with and that diesel engine will get them farther on the highway. Most importantly, it’ll get them going for longer stretches without asking for gas money (fingers crossed). 

Toyota Highlander

the toyota highlander is a great option when looking for back to school vehicles

How about a vehicle for the environmentally-conscious families? If you’re looking for something spacious that isn’t a gas-guzzler, why not take a look at a Toyota Highlander? The hybrid engine makes it incredibly fuel-efficient, and with optional 3rd-row seating, you’ve got space for everyone and everything. It’s a great vehicle for cutting down on your fuel consumption without cutting down on size.

Back To School Vehicles that Have Style

back to school vehicles that have style

No one wants to go back to school wearing last year’s clothes. No one wants to show up driving last year’s car either. If you’re in the market for a used vehicle to get yourself back to school in style without spending the college fund, take a look at the awesome cars in stock on our website. We have the best selection of cars for getting back to school or getting back to work that you could ask for!