Let’s get some bark: behind the scenes of a NWMS content shoot

The performance of a truck can’t always be measured by horsepower or torque; it’s measured by how it can handle tough jobs. So, when the marketing team set out to show off the toughness of a Ford F-150, we knew we had to get off the pavement and get some dirt on the tires.


We’re all about helping people out at Northwest Motorsport, so when our friend Tyler needed some bark, we let them borrow the keys to one of the F-150 rigs and hooked him up with some beauty bark.

Tyler took the F-150 down to our friends at River Road Landscape Supply in Puyallup to get some bark while the NWMS team followed along to document the trip. At Northwest Motorsport, we don’t like staged content; if we want to capture an F-150 picking up some bark, we’re going to do it.

Once we arrived at River Road Landscape Supply, we were greeted by the sound of heavy machinery and the smell of the bark. Nothing gets the NWMS team more excited than meeting some dogs, so it’s no surprise that the two dogs at River Road Landscape Supply, Lucy and Beethoven, were very popular with the team. Lucy, a German Shepard puppy, loved all the attention and ear rubs. Beethoven, the elder statesman at 15 years old, was fascinated with our drone as it hovered over the action.


After everyone got the opportunity to meet the dogs, it was time to put the F-150 to work. Using the backup camera, Tyler backed the truck up to the backhoe. As the backhoe filled up the bed of the truck, the team was shooting from every angle. The shredded bark mulch, often referred to as beauty bark, was no problem for the half-ton truck. Once the bed of the F-150 was full, it was time to head out. After packing up our gear, the team departed from River Road Landscape Supply and started to head over to dump the bark at Tyler’s house.


With shovels and brooms, we got all the bark out of the truck bed. The durability of the F-150’s bed was on display as it handled the bark and scraping shovels. The F-150 is built to handle any job, both big and small. A hard-working truck is only as strong as its bed, and the aluminum alloy bed is the perfect combination of lightweight and durable.

There are plenty of reasons behind the massive popularity of Ford F-150 trucks; they’re versatile, reliable and tough. These trucks are built for those with a hard-working lifestyle. Whether you’re on the job site or tackling those weekend projects, the F-150 has the durability and muscle to handle anything you can throw at it.