The Best Family Road Trip Vehicle

Best Family Road Trip Vehicles from Northwest Motorsport

The Best Family Vehicles to Get You Cross-Country

You’ve got your truck to take to work, the sedan for going grocery shopping – but what about a family road trip vehicle? Whether you’re going to grandma’s for the holidays or the beach for vacation, you need a vehicle that goes the distance. Not just in terms of fuel economy, but a vehicle the family can be comfortable in for a while. 

But beyond looks and comfort, what kind of safety features should it have? What about fuel efficiency and cargo space? There’s a lot to consider when finding a good vehicle for those long hauls. Luckily, we’ve put together this list of the best family road trip vehicles!

road trip GPS

What Features Does the Best Family Road Trip Vehicle Need?

Whether you’re looking for a family car, truck, SUV, or anything else, there are a few things you want to look for in a family road trip vehicle. A compact SUV is going to be pretty different from a Hybrid sedan, so your perfect vehicle may not hit all the marks below. However, the important thing is to find a vehicle that gives your family what they need. So what are some of these features that you want to keep in mind?

  • Fuel Economy – How many miles per gallon does it get? If you’re going cross-country you should definitely think about the number of times you’ll need to stop at a gas station.
  • Comfortable Ride – While you know that we love a lifted truck, it doesn’t always give the smoothest ride. Look for something that your family will be comfortable in because you’ll be in there for a while.
  • Infotainment System – Whether it’s Apple CarPlay, a DVD player, or just USB ports, having some form of infotainment (in the backseat especially) can really ease those long rides. 
  • Cargo Space – When traveling, you want to make sure you’ve got the room for everything you need. While third-row seating might be essential for your carpooling vehicle, it can greatly reduce your cargo space. However, many vehicles now have a collapsable rear seat so you don’t have to sacrifice anything!
  • Safety Rating – You have precious cargo on board, so you need a safe ride! Take a look at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website to see a vehicle’s safety rating.
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Our Picks for the Best Family Road Trip Vehicles

GMC Yukon

road trip GMC Yukon

Do you pack a lot for road trips? Well if you do, you definitely need something with lots of cargo space. Why not get something with some attitude, too? The GMC Yukon has plenty of both! 

This 2018 model we have in stock has third-row seating, temperature controls for the kiddos, and all the comforts mom or dad will want in front, too. It’s a pretty large vehicle, but has running boards to help everyone get in, and a 4-star safety rating

Ford Edge

Ford Edge Road Trip Vehicle

“But we’re a Ford family!” Don’t worry – of course, Ford’s got you covered with a beautiful SUV to take across the country. The Ford Edge is a great choice for those looking for a truly comfortable ride. For the driver, it’s got heated mirrors, a backup camera, and even a heated steering wheel to make the ride as comfortable as it is stress-free. For everyone else, there’s a BlueTooth stereo, a huge double-panel sunroof, and a dash-displayed GPS for the ‘are we there yet?’s.

This beautiful model that we have in stock only has 20,000 miles on it, too!

Honda CR-V

Honda CRV Family Road Trip Trunk Space

One thing you can’t overthink when you’re looking at road trip vehicles is safety. According to NHTSA, 37,000 car crashes result in death annually. So if you’re putting your family on the road for an extended time, you want to be safe. Thankfully, the Honda CR-V has the highest possible safety rating at 5 stars

In addition to being one of the safest rides, it’s also one of the most comfortable. It’s got plenty of space for everyone to stretch their legs in front, but also a massive cargo space! If you’re thinking the CR-V might be for you, take a look at this one we have in stock right now!

Chevrolet Silverado

Silverado Chevrolet Road Trip Vehicle

Don’t worry truck enthusiasts, we haven’t forgotten about you! A truck might not be the right choice for everyone, but when you’ve got a lot of cargo, it’s great! The Chevy Silverado has a huge seven-foot bed to bring along anything you might need. Don’t think that means you won’t have room in the cab, though! 

The spacious, 4-door cab is as comfortable as it is beautiful. If you’re doing a lot of highway driving, this particular model that we have in stock has a diesel engine. Perfect for getting better fuel economy on those long highway rides. 

Subaru Outback 

Subaru Outback Cargo Space

One great feature in a road trip vehicle is durability. The Subaru Outback has that in spades! It’s a vehicle that folks regularly rely on to keep running to the 200,000-mile mark. So if you have a few trips planned from coast to coast, it’s a great option. They also handle extremely well in inclement weather. So if grandma lives in the tundra, this might be the option for you. 

This classic Outback that we have in stock only has 13K miles on it and a single previous owner! That’s about as brand-new as it gets for a used vehicle!

Kia Sorento

Kira Sorento Family Road Trip Vehicle

Mid-sized SUVs sometimes get a bad rap as just being something to run errands in. However, the Sorento actually makes a great vehicle for much longer trips, too! 

The V6 engine provides plenty of power without guzzling too much gas. It also has optional third-row seating for the big families. But don’t worry, they fold down for extra cargo space. 

Need a digital display? Got it! Bluetooth audio? You bet! How about a stylish interior? Well, take a look for yourself!

Toyota Camry 

Riding in Comfort

A Camry might not be the first thing that pops into your mind as a road trip vehicle. It’s only a sedan, right? Well, that’s true – it doesn’t have the trunk space of a full-sized SUV. 

What it does have is some of the best fuel-efficiency you could ask for. The Toyota Camry has a hybrid-electric motor that boosts its MPG much higher than you could ever get with a full-sized SUV. 

It might not be right for the family of eight headed to Alaska for a month, but how many of you are there, really? If you’re a smaller family looking to go the distance on a budget, take a look at what the Toyota Camry has to offer!

Toyota Sienna

toyota sienna - best family road trip vehicle

This isn’t Aunt Sally’s minivan! In truth, the minivan has had a lot of facelifts since first becoming the best way to get your kids to soccer practice. For instance, the Sienna has a powerful V6 engine, beautiful leather interior, digital dash, and everything else you’d expect from a modern vehicle. 

One thing that hasn’t changed is that you can’t do better for a spacious vehicle. Of course, it has reclinable third-row seating. What really gives it that extra room is the sunken floor in the trunk. Fill up the bottom compartment, fold the third row down, and keep piling more on top! We have a great Sienna in stock right now with heated seats, a backup camera, and only one previous owner!

Family Road Trip Vehicles with Style

Pit Stop

You don’t need a Mercedes Benz to ride in comfort, and you don’t need a school bus to be able to pack everything you need. There are a lot of great options for making those holiday trips. It all depends on what your family needs (and how many of you there are). 

One of the best things you can do is to make a list of the essentials you need in your family road trip vehicle. Then all you have to do is start looking and checking them off the list until you find the perfect one! If you want to see some more of the great family road trip vehicles we have, come on down to any one of our locations and see for yourself!