The Best Pickup Trucks for Plowing Snow this Winter

Snow plow

The Top 5 Best Trucks for Plowing at Northwest Motorsport

Numbered from Best to Best: 5 of the Best Pickup Trucks for Plowing Snow

Buying the right plow is super important. However, buying the right truck is just as important! You want a heavy-duty truck that can do the heavy lifting, literally. So, let’s take a look at what we have in stock.

Ford F 150 snow plow

The Ford F-150 

It’s a classic. We love this one, and for good reason! The Ford F-150 is the king of all trucks, there’s no doubt about that. Its called the king because this baby can handle the weight of the plow, and the weight of what it’s plowing. In fact, this half-ton truck can use a 450-pound plow with ease! Most Fords even feature a Snow Plow Mode, which allows you to turn off all non-essential features. Just flip the switch and you’re ready. After that, it lets you focus all of your power and attention just where you need it… to the plow!

Check out our huge inventory of Ford F-150’s, F-250’s, and F-350’s, available in diesel or gas engines. You’ll see why this is definitely one of the top pickup trucks for plowing snow. Not to mention, its just a great truck.

Toyota Tacoma Snow Plow

The Toyota Tacoma

What do we love about the Toyota Tacoma? We love its stock suspension! With a front suspension like this, you won’t have any issue maneuvering the plow in front of your truck. As a matter of fact, the Tacoma is really a perfect truck for plowing because of its unique ability to contour tight corners. The reliable suspension also allows it to remain stable with its weight evenly distributed in the back and front.

Does that sound like what you’re looking for? Well then check out what we have in stock! Our vast inventory of Toyota Tacoma 4×4, Offroad, and Sport models are ready to plow some snow!

Ram 1500 best Plow truck

The Dodge Ram 1500

But what if you’re just looking to plow your own driveway or a smaller parking lot? Well, this truck is your best friend. Some trucks are built to be perfect for a simple, personal job, and the Ram 1500 is one of them. If you need a truck that’s perfect for personal use, the Ram 1500 is one of the best pickup trucks for plowing those smaller areas. However, if you’re looking for a truck that can offer a plow prep package, check out the Ram 2500 or 3500 for some extra power!

Does that sound like what you need? Well, if it does, we’ve got them! You’ll definitely find some amazing deals for our used Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500s. 

Toyota Tundra Snow Plow

The Toyota Tundra

This beast truly is one of the best pickup trucks for plowing snow. Why? Well, because plow packages aren’t usually offered for the Tundra. However, with a little magic wiring, hooking up a plow to the Tundra is not only totally doable, but it does it well. Very well, in fact. This truck will keep you moving slow and steady – it has a level of precision unlike any other. Additionally, Toyota offers trucks whose fuel economy beats all others. Toyota’s slogan is “moving forward”, right? Well, the Toyota Tundra will keep you moving forward through heavy snow, for sure. 

See what we’ve got in stock! Our wide array of custom-lifted SRS 4x4s will have you drooling. Rarely do people wish for snow just to plow. That changes with a truck like this!

Chevrolet Silverado Plow Truck

The Chevy Silverado 

The Chevrolet Silverado is one heck of a truck, no matter what season or purpose it’s used for. But if you’re looking for a great truck for plowing, look no further. The Silverado really does “run deep,” especially in the deep snow! If you get this truck in a regular cab, 4-wheel drive, a snowplow prep package is easy to find and hard to beat. That particular setup will bring you a 170-amp alternator, wiring harness, high-capacity transmission oil cooler, and an extra heavy-duty suspension.

Don’t miss out on some of our amazing deals this winter. We’re all stocked up with tons of choices for the Chevy Silverado 1500, 2500, and 3500 models. 

We’ve Got the Best Pickup Trucks for Plowing this Winter

We know, we know… there’s no doubt in your mind that Northwest Motorsport has what you need. No matter what you’re hauling, or what you’re hauling it with – we’ll find the perfect truck that meets all your needs. But how do we know? Well, we know what the best pickup trucks for plowing are because we’ve got them all! 

Stop into any of our 11 NWMS locations, or call us today to find your favorite! Because after all, we’re all about trucks, trucks, and more trucks!