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find the best vehicle for carpooling

Family Vehicles for Getting the Kids Back to School

Fall is here, and that means so is school. For all you parents out there, it’s time to breathe a big sigh of relief. But just because the kids are back to school (and out of your hair) during the day, there’s still one problem- picking up your duties in the carpool schedule. Having a good entertainment system isn’t always enough, especially if you drive a vehicle from a few years ago. Never fear, your friends from Northwest Motorsport are here with some advice on the best car for carpooling this fall! 

Lucky you!

what makes the best car for carpooling

What Makes the Best Car for Carpooling?

Just having the third-row seating and cargo space for backpacks isn’t enough. To have the very best car for carpooling you need to consider a few factors, but there are some points everyone should consider. There are so many options out there, you don’t just need to get the biggest SUV you can find. Here are some key features to consider when getting your next vehicle with carpooling in mind.

  • 2nd Row Captain’s Chairs – If you’ve got a child on a sports team, you know that third-row seating for 7 or 8 in your vehicle is essential. But how are the kids getting in the back? If crawling over the second row sounds all too familiar, you want captain’s chairs. Kids can be rough, but you can avoid the extra wear and tear by giving them the extra space to get in the third row without tearing any holes in your upholstery. 
  • Entertainment Systems – Are we there yet? For some of us, just that question can make your head start to spin. Carting the kids to school, soccer practice, the playground and everywhere in between can be stressful for everyone. So why not give the kids something to entertain them and let you keep your thoughts straight? Integrated entertainment systems like DVD players can occupy the kids and keep you from pulling your hair out.
  • Fuel Economy – When you have kids, you have to drive. Sometimes you have to drive a lot. When you’re carrying around kids, sports equipment, backpacks, and everything else, you’re carrying a lot of weight. Every extra pound in the car means your car is working harder to move and getting worse gas mileage. So if you’ve got to go the distance, make sure you get a carpooling vehicle that’s fuel-efficient. 

There are countless other things you might want to think about, including how many cubic feet of cargo space you need, roof racks for sports equipment, and so much more. But these are some of the major features we want to think about when choosing the best vehicle for carpooling. 

The Best Vehicles for Carpooling

Now that you’ve thought about some features that make a good carpool vehicle, let’s take a look at some! Here are a few choices to find the best vehicle for carpooling.

the kia sedona is one of the best vehicle for carpooling

Kia Sedona

If you really need that extra room for sports equipment, bicycles, and oh yeah, the kids, you might want to think about a van. The Kia Sedona is a great option that hits a lot of the marks we talked about earlier for the best carpooling vehicles. Leather seats for easy cleaning, third-row seating for every friend and pal, and those second-row captain’s chairs for easy access. 

Here are some of the Sedonas we have in stock right now!

looking for the best vehicle for carpooling? well, check out the Honda Odyssey!

Honda Odyssey

Another great option for folks thinking about a van is the Honda Odyssey. The Odyssey gets an estimated 19/28 EPA for city and highway respectively with max seating for 8 and a massive 38.4 cubic feet of storage space. The latest models feature backup cameras that are helpful for those times when you can’t see around all the little heads in the back. It also has digital touch-screen displays and leather seating to make spills and messes manageable. 

If you’re thinking about joining the Honda family, take a look at what we have in stock.

the toyota sequoia is definitely the best vehicle for carpooling

Toyota Sequoia

All right, now let’s face it: not everyone wants a minivan. If you’re with the group of folks who will never buy a minivan, how about something a little more your speed, like an SUV? The Toyota Sequoia is a suave option for getting everyone back and forth without sacrificing style. Who says that mom or dad’s taxi can’t look badass? 

Sequoias have optional roof racks that make them great for families who spend their winters skiing or snowboarding. It has a little less storage space and an EPA that’s not quite as nice as the van, but these are the things we give up for a cool ride. 

If you want one of these cool rides, take a look at our inventory.

check out this buick enclave!

Buick Enclave

Here’s another option for the SUV crowd, the massive Buick Enclave. It’s got third-row seating for every friend and family member, and leather throughout for protection against those pesky stains and spills. 

Of all of our options, the Enclave is one of the vehicles that cares most about your passengers in the back. There are temperature controls on the back of your console for second-row riders as well as double sunroofs. For the driver, you’ve got a digital display and a backup camera to make driving a breeze. 

Think the easy-breezy life is the one for you? Head to our store and check ’em out!

you can never go wrong with a subaru outback!

Subaru Outback

Maybe the SUV is a little too large and in charge for you? If you live in a place that gets those long, unforgiving winters, you can’t do much better for safety than a Subaru, and specifically, the Outback. There’s almost nothing that handles better than a Subaru in those dicey, snowy situations. They’ve got the awards to prove it, too! 

Roof racks? You got it. Leather seating? You bet! While Outbacks don’t have third-row seating, they make up for it by having a gigantic trunk. These vehicles are well suited for parents of kids who play sports that require a lot of equipment, especially hockey! 

Go check out the supply of Outbacks we have in stock right now!

The Best Vehicles For Carpooling For Families on the Go!

check out the best cars for carpooling, perfect for families on the go!

When you’re a parent, you know one thing for sure: it just never stops. Sports practice, camping, school, playdates. You need a rough-and-tumble vehicle that can handle anything life throws at you, and then some. If you want a vehicle for carpooling this school year, and for getting everyone in the family where they need to be the rest of the year, we hope this list was helpful! 

If there’s anything that stuck out to you, check out our online inventory and stop by one of our 13 locations in Washington for a test drive!