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Not From Here? Here’s What You Need to Buy a Car from Out of State

how to buy a car from out of state

Everything You Need to Know when Buying a Car from Out of State

Buying a vehicle can be a difficult process. It becomes even more difficult when you just can’t seem to find the right vehicle in your home state. So you check the internet and you find the perfect car. It’s got a good track record, it’s beautiful, and you can afford it. The only problem is it’s in a different state. Well did you know that Northwest Motorsport can accommodate you? Purchasing a car from out of state is a lot easier than you might think! Here’s a guide on how to buy a car from another state through Northwest Motorsport.

what do you need to buy a car from another state?

What Do I Need to Buy a Car from a Different State?’

When you’re buying a car from out of state, it’s not honestly all that more difficult. It’s more or less the same as visiting your local dealership, there’s just a little extra paperwork. Here are some of what you need to buy a car from out of state.

  • Current out of state driver’s license
  • Another form of proof-of-residency- a utility bill, mortgage bill, etc. Unfortunately, a military I.D. does not suffice for this requirement.

This is all you need if you can make it into one of our locations to purchase your vehicle and drive it home. But what if you live out of state and you want your car delivered out of state? It might sound like a pipe dream, but Northwest Motorsport can do that too! How, you ask? Through our partnership with JoyDrive, of course!

getting your car delivered can be tricky

Of course, getting your car delivered out of state adds a couple more steps to the process, but it’s not any more complicated. Here are all of the things we need from you if you want us to drive the car home for you.

What WE Need vs. What You Need to Buy a Car From Out of State

  • The vehicle has to be delivered to the address listed on your ID and secondary proof of residency. 
  • Deposits for most vehicles is $1,000 and is refundable in Washington state.
  • To make the vehicle delivery as quick as possible, we suggest sending money via wire transfer. A cashier’s check is also okay but may require some additional processing time.
  • Credit cards and debit cards are accepted for your deposit, but not for the full amount of purchase.
  • All documents have to be sent via certified mail. Everything we send to you will be certified and everything returned to us must also be certified.
  • In addition, all of the documents will need to be notarized.
  • There may be some additional verifications requested for your documents to ensure the credibility of the purchase for both parties
how bad to do you want to learn about buying a car from out of state?

So why the extra hoops to jump through? Here at Northwest Motorsport, we take our business very seriously, and this is all to protect ourselves and consumers from identity theft and identity fraud. We know we’re the largest independent truck dealer on the west coast and everyone should want a piece of what we got. But we also need to be vigilant and protect ourselves, and most importantly all of you from having your finances taken advantage of!

you can buy a car from out of state

What Happens Next?

Well once we get the documentation and payments squared away, that’s when JoyDrive takes control! They deliver your vehicle right to your home. Of course, there is a delivery fee and it’s a little more expensive the further you are away from our home state of Washington. But seriously, could you ask for a more convenient car buying process? Buying a car from out of state can seem like a real hassle, but we’re here to tell you that Northwest Motorsport makes it easy! If you want to see what all the fuss is about, take a look at our online inventory today! Sounds like what you need to buy a car from out of state is… us!