These camping rigs are ready for adventure

The Northwest is home to so much natural beauty, including dense forests, snow-capped mountains and even rolling desert hills. What better way to enjoy the Northwest than camping with friends and family? Whether you’re heading out on a week-long backpacking trip in North Cascades National Park or a quick weekend getaway, the Northwest is the perfect campground.

Before you head out into the wilderness, you want a vehicle that can store your gear, carry heavy loads, handle rugged dirt roads and tow your trailer. Here are ten camping-ready trucks and SUVs that will have you prepared for any camping trip.

Ram 2500


If you’re planning on bringing a large camping trailer, a Ram 2500 truck is up for the challenge. Boasting a maximum towing capacity of 20,000 lbs., the 2022 Ram 2500 can tow just about anything. Suppose you want to get away from the noise of the city without sacrificing the amenities of everyday life. In that case, a fifth wheel camping trailer or slide-in camper could be a great option instead of buying a motorhome. While spacious and comfortable, these options require a truck with plenty of towing power and payload. You can rest assured that the Ram 2500 has the muscle for any job.

These rugged trucks have plenty of payload to bring all your toys with you. Find a nearby off-roading vehicle park and take your 4-wheelers and dirt bikes out to the trails for some high-octane adventuring. During the colder months, your Ram 2500 can effortlessly get your snowmobiles up to the trails in the harshest winter conditions. When you see a Ram 2500, you think of hard work, but these heavy duty trucks can play just as hard.

Ford F-150


The Ford F-150 is America’s bestselling truck for a reason. These versatile trucks are built to handle anything you throw at it. That adaptability makes these trucks excellent camping rigs. With plenty of payload and towing capacity, a Ford F-150 can easily get all your gear to the campground. The 2022 models offer a maximum payload of 3,325 lbs. and 14,000 lbs. of towing capacity. With plenty of available towing features, including Smart Hitch to help you hitch up your trailer and on-board scales to make sure you aren’t maxing out your payload, the F-150 makes towing a camper trailer or carrying all your gear a breeze.

Besides towing and payload, the truck bed is one of the best parts of camping with a truck. With a maximum bed length of 8ft. long, the F-150 has plenty of room for gear or a mattress.

If you want an F-150 that can off-road with the best of them, the Ford F-150 Raptor is the way to go. These off-roading machines are unstoppable, with 450 horsepower and 510 lb.-ft of torque coming from the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine in the 2022 model. There is even the Ford F-150 Lightning if you’re interested in a fully electric truck. With an estimated 230-mile range and 7,700 lbs. of towing capacity, the Lightning has the fuel independence of an electric vehicle without sacrificing the muscle you’ve come to expect from an F-150 truck. So whatever kind of camping trip you’re planning, an F-150 can get the job done.

Jeep Wrangler


This 4-wheel drive adventure machine can track its history back to military vehicles in World War II. With its famous boxy frame and 7-slot grille, the Jeep Wrangler has built a reputation for being some of the toughest off-roading vehicles around.

Whatever kind of camping you’re into, a Wrangler is up to the task. With tons of modification opportunities, these midsize SUVs can be customized to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to improve engine performance with a new air intake or relax in a rooftop tent, a Wrangler can easily be molded to meet your adventuring needs.

Since 2021, Jeep has offered the 4xe hybrid in both their Wrangler and Grand Cherokee models for those looking to get the best fuel efficiency without sacrificing any of the performance. The 2022 Wrangler 4xe gets an estimated 49 MPGe and a driving range of 370 miles.

Getting to the campsite can often involve driving along narrow, rough dirt roads, so having a 4-wheel drive vehicle, like a Wrangler, can comfortably handle rough terrain. Camping isn’t just for the warmer months. If you’re heading out into the wilderness during the winter, having the added traction of a 4-wheel drive vehicle is crucial. A Wrangler is always ready for adventure regardless of the conditions or terrain.

Jeep Gladiator


Imagine combining the off-roading ability of a Jeep Wrangler with the added versatility of a truck. That’s exactly what you get with the midsize Jeep Gladiator truck. With a 5-foot long truck bed, multiple tie-down loops and a maximum payload of 1,700 lbs., the 2022 Gladiator is ready for some heavy lifting. The bed on the Gladiator is perfect for carrying ATVs or storing your gear with the available Trail Rail organization system.

Jeep vehicles are built with adventure in mind, and the Gladiator is ready to take you off the beaten bath. With 4-wheel drive and a multitude of off-roading features like locking front and rear differentials, there is no place too remote for this machine. So, grab your gear, take off the doors, and head to your favorite campsite.

Ford Bronco Sport


If you’re looking for a compact SUV with a big personality and tons of off-roading power, the Ford Bronco Sport is perfect for you. The Bronco Sport is a sized-down version of the Ford Bronco SUV, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking muscle. Just like its big brother, the Bronco Sport excels the moment it leaves the pavement.

Introduced in 2021 alongside the revived Bronco, the Bronco Sport was designed for exploring the outdoors. With 4-wheel drive and Ford’s latest terrain management system, the Bronco Sport can push through the harshest environments on even the most remote camping trips.

For long camping trips out in the remote wilderness, you need a vehicle that can carry all your gear. If the 65.2 cubic feet of cargo space in the Bronco Sport isn’t enough, a roof rack attached to its steel roof can add extra storage and functionality.

Toyota 4Runner


The iconic Toyota 4Runner has been an outdoor adventuring staple for nearly 40 years. Introduced with the 1984 model, the 4Runner was one of the pioneers of the SUV wave in the 90s. With the toughness of a truck combined with the improved cargo space of an SUV, the Toyota 4Runner has become a favorite for outdoor enthusiasts.

The 4Runner is more than capable of towing a camper trailer, with the 2022 model maxing out at 5,000 lbs. of towing capacity. With up to 88.8 cubic feet of cargo space and a sliding rear cargo deck, the 4Runner is ready to store all your gear.

With its off-roading capability and dependability, the 4Runner has become popular amongst the car camping and overlanding crowds. A mattress and added storage can be installed in the back of the SUV to create the perfect place to relax on your camping trips. No tent needed.

When finding the perfect camping rig, reliability is crucial. The Toyota 4Runner has built a reputation for being durable and rugged even in the most challenging conditions.

Toyota Tacoma


The Tacoma was built for getting out of the city and exploring the world around you. Since 1995 the Toyota Tacoma has been a familiar sight on campgrounds and trailheads. If it involves the outdoors, it’s perfect for a Tacoma. That reputation made the Toyota Tacoma the best-selling midsize truck in America in 2021.

If your camping trip involves some off-roading, the Tacoma will excel when you get off the pavement. The Tacoma has the optional TRD Pro trim, which comes with all the off-roading features right off the lot. No aftermarket parts necessary. Complete with skid plates, FOX shocks and raised suspension, the TRD Pro can tackle any obstacles in your way.

Chevrolet Colorado


The Chevrolet Colorado offers the muscle of a pick-up truck without the bulk of a full-size rig. With a maximum towing capacity of 7,000 lbs. on the 2022 Colorado, it’s capable of pulling a camper trailer out to your favorite campground. The reduced size of the Colorado compared to the full-size Chevrolet Silverado 1500 allows it to finesse its way around sharp corners on windy dirt roads on your way to the campsite.

With its off-road specific badge, the ZR2, the Colorado is ready for any terrain. So whether you’re hitting the off-road park or just driving along the narrow dirt roads up to the trailhead, the Colorado can rise to the occasion to handle any terrain.

Jeep Grand Cherokee


Camping trips with the family require a lot of gear, so you need a vehicle with tons of cargo space. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a luxurious midsize SUV that boasts the off-roading capabilities you’d expect from a Jeep with all the comforts to keep your passengers happy on the long drive out of the city. With the extended Grand Cherokee L, you get three rows of seating that can be folded down for extra storage. If that’s not enough, the 7,200 lbs. of maximum towing capacity can tow a trailer to carry all the extra gear you need.

The Grand Cherokee offers the perfect balance of off-road performance and on-road comfort. The Trailhawk trim delivers all the off-road power you could ask for, with increased ground clearance and Jeep’s 4x4 system to improve traction regardless of the terrain.

The Grand Cherokee 4xe hybrid gets an estimated 56 MPGe and has a driving range of 470 miles, including 25 miles on the all-electric mode. The 4xe improves fuel economy without sacrificing power, getting 375 horsepower and a maximum towing capacity of 6,000 lbs.

Whether you’re heading out on a remote trip out into the wilderness or just a short family getaway, the Grand Cherokee is ready for your next adventure.

GMC Sierra 1500


Just because you’re driving a rugged rig doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice comfort on your trip to the campsite. The GMC Sierra 1500 packs plenty of power with the 2022 model delivering up to 420 horsepower and 460 lb.-ft of torque. The interior of the Sierra 1500 is just as impressive, with open-pore wood trim and chrome accents available in the Denali trim. Easily find the campground on the available 13.4-inch infotainment touchscreen display. The Sierra 1500 will have you and your passengers sitting comfortably in the luxurious interior.

With up to 2,240 lbs. of payload and 13,200 lbs. of towing, the Sierra 1500 can handle all of your gear for a long camping trip. If you have a camper trailer or a truck bed camper, the Sierra 1500 can turn into a deluxe RV with all the amenities you could need.


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