Truck Spotlight: Custom Ford Trucks

check out the custom ford trucks at NWMS

The Coolest Custom Trucks at Northwest Motorsport

Here at Northwest Motorsport, there’s one thing we love more than anything else. That’s Trucks, Trucks, and more Trucks! But today, we don’t want to talk about just any Super-Duty. We want to talk about some of our all-time favorites, Ford. 

There’s nothing that runs like a Ford, and there’s nothing like these awesome custom-built beauties. If you love trucks as much as we do, get ready and grab your popcorn! Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive custom Ford trucks we have in stock.

the coolest custom ford trucks at NWMS

Check Out These Awesome Custom Ford Trucks

For over 100 years, Ford has been making some of the best trucks in the country. From the Model TT in 1917 all the way to the big, bad F-450’s of today, Ford has always been known for its quality. Ford makes some of the best stock trucks you can ask for. And when someone goes the extra mile to make them look this beautiful, you know it catches our attention.

Let’s look at this lineup of remarkable custom Ford trucks!

2004 Ford F-250

one of the coolest custom ford trucks at NWMS is the 2004 ford F-250

First up in our list of custom Ford trucks is this outstanding Ford F-250. Of course, the first thing that stands out for this truck is that incredible paint job. You’ve got your freedom-loving eagle soaring ahead of the checkered flag- can it get any cooler? Well, one thing that ups that cool-factor is the fact that the interior leather trim matches the exterior color scheme.

We love that this F-250 has an incredible lift, but that’s not the only reason. This F-250 has custom Harley Davidson floor mats and logos on the interior. Perfect for truck drivers who are also riders! That Iron Cross front bumper means it doesn’t just look incredibly tough, it is incredibly tough. 

Equipped with A 6.0L V8 Turbo Diesel engine, this F-250 doesn’t lack in power either. With your bumper set up to take on a winch and your massive custom tires and lift, this truck is as ready for the dirt as it is for the highway. 

2015 Ford F-150 Lariat

one of the coolest custom ford trucks at NWMS is the 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat

Not everyone needs a screaming eagle on the side of their truck, though. The beauty of customization is that you can make it as loud and outlandish as you want to. Or, you can make it subtle like this suave 2015 F-150 Lariat. The exterior isn’t flashy, and in fact, looks pretty stock. Even the interior is just as classy. 

What gives this dog some extra bite is the lift and tire job done by our buddies at Les Schwab. To help get you in, it’s also outfitted with some very nice running boards. Apart from the lift and the tires, you’ve also got extra oomph with a tow-package included.

You might not want to take such a sleek truck out off-roading, but if you do get out there, you’ll be able to tow your way out of anything. If it looks like the truck for you, follow that link! The CarFax ready for you to take a look at.

2019 Ford F-350 Platinum 4×4 

one of the coolest custom ford trucks at NWMS is the 2019 Ford F350 Platinum 4x4

If you like the idea of a subtle truck, but want more grit, check out this badass 2019 F-350 Platinum 4×4. Outfitted with a massive 6” Fabtech lift kit from our boys at Les Schwab, it’s as mean as it looks. All black exterior, wheels, and suspension coils all hammer the point home.

Besides the murdered-out paint job, this truck really does deliver on its image. With power running boards, a 6.7L V8 PowerStroke Turbo Diesel engine, a tow package, this truck is made to get work done and look great doing it. 

With only 2 previous owners and a little over 5k miles on it, this truck is practically brand new! If you’re looking for something with a tough look and the muscle to deliver, this truck won’t disappoint.

2012 Ford F-150 FX4 4×4

one of the coolest custom ford trucks at NWMS is the 2012 Ford F150 Fx4 4x4

You don’t have to have the newest truck on the block to have the coolest truck on the block. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at this F-150 FX4 from 2012. It might not be the 2020 model, but it’s certainly as stylish as one.

If you’re one of those stylish drivers, you definitely need to take a look at this beautiful custom truck. The paint job on the exterior is excellent, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Open up the doors and you’ll find a matching trim on all of the leather seating. 

Of course, being a little bit older doesn’t mean you’re missing out on anything. It comes equipped with custom wheels, a backup camera, full moon-roof, tinted glass, and trailer brakes. 

2012 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson 4×4

check out this 2012 ford f150 harley davidson 4x4

If you want something that looks mean and has the power to back it up, look no further. What you’re looking for is this intimidating F-150 Harley Davidson 4×4. This truck has a rough and gruff exterior that lets everyone else know to back off.

The first thing anyone will notice as you’re rolling down the street is that powerful silhouette. All black paint, custom bumpers, grille, wheels, and everything else. Not to mention the mean look of that light bar, the headache rack, and its amazing wheels.

Sometimes you want a truck because of the high-performance engine, or because it’s the best-selling truck. Sometimes you want a truck because you need a workhorse. Sometimes you want a truck because you’ve never seen anything cooler. This is one of those times.

2014 Ford F-150 FX4 4×4

one of the coolest custom ford trucks at NWMS is the 2014 Ford F-150 FX4 4X4

We’ve taken a look at a lot of tough-looking black trucks, let’s show off a truck on the other end of the spectrum. This F-150 FX4 4×4 has a clean white exterior matched against some dark accents and black wheels. In addition to having that great paint job, it also has custom body-side molding.

Those big molds over your wheel wells will make your truck look bigger and tougher. Of course, it’s got the 3.5L V6 Ecoboost engine to match. This truck also has running boards, a tow package, and that awesome Ford logo over the grille.

The white exterior might not be right for the mudders in the crowd. However, if you’re looking for something slick, tough, and ready to roll, this is a great choice.

2019 Ford F-150 XLT 4×4

simple yet sleek 2019 Ford F150 XLT 4X4

All right, we’ve seen the sleek all-white, now let’s take a look at the sleek all-black Ford. This F-150 XLT 4×4 might not stand out for its flashy paint job, but it’ll stand out for its incredible features. If you were wondering why the tires and lift job look so great, it’s because they are both courtesy of our friends at Les Schwab.

In addition to the great lift, this truck is set up with tinted glass windows, those amazing black wheels, and a hearty V6 engine. The interior is outfitted with some really nice grey cloth seating and all of the features you would expect in a new truck.

Best of all, this truck has only had one previous owner and a clean vehicle history report! If you’re looking for something new that no one else has, this is the custom truck you’re after.

2017 Ford F-350 Platinum 4×4

can't go wrong with the 2017 Ford F-350 Platinum 4x4

If you want something that is as tough as it looks, you need to take a look at this Ford F-350 Platinum 4×4. If you want big, loud, and mean, this truck has your name on it. 

The huge lift job makes this truck absolutely tower over everything else on the highway. If you’re riding in this tank, they will definitely see you coming from miles away. The lift and huge wheels help it look massive, and the molding over the wheel-wells makes it look even bigger.

Of course, it’s got running boards, a tow package, and that incredibly strong front bumper with tow hooks. This amazing truck has had three previous owners, but you know what they say: the fourth time’s the charm!

Putting the Spotlight on One of Our Favorites: Custom Ford Trucks! 

Check Out These Awesome Custom Ford Trucks at NWMS

Look, we know, we sell vehicles for a living, and we shouldn’t pick favorites. However, if we were picking favorites, we would have to put custom Ford trucks like these high on our list. Ford has been making amazing trucks for more than 100 years, and we’ve been enjoying beautiful custom Ford trucks like these for as long as we can remember. 

If you love these trucks as much as we do, you’re in luck. They’re all currently for sale. If you like something you see, come down to one of our locations and take it for a test drive today. Availability on these vehicles are subject to change, so make sure you inquire quickly!