An Interview with Garret and Dusty, Our Customers of the Month!

    Take a Listen to Our Customer Testimonials!

    take a listen to the NWMS customer testimonials

    At Northwest Motorsport, the only thing we’re more passionate about than our trucks is our customers. If you know us, you know Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, and Trust (HILT) is at the foundation of everything that we do here. That’s why we treat every potential customer as part of the NWMS family. Part of being a family is giving back (and not picking favorites), that’s why we wanted to celebrate our customers of the month, Garret and Dusty!

    Customer of the Month: Garret

    In Garret’s customer testimonial, Garret said he knew he was at the right place right away. Within 5 minutes, he knew he was at the right dealership on our lot on River Road in Puyallup. Garret visited six other dealerships, but only NWMS gave him the confidence that HILT provides!

    Garret came in looking for a Toyota 4Runner, a great SUV we’ve written about before. We talked for a bit and thought a RAV4 might be a better fit for his truck needs. After he took one for a spin, he felt the same way! We weren’t done there though! He must have checked out at least 12 RAV4’s before he picked out the one he drives today!

    the Toyota Rav4 was Garret's pick

    Our sales rep Adam drove with him to a number of our locations. Adam stayed late with Garret until he was ready to drive off the lot. It sounds like Garret is excited to come back when he’s ready to pick up a 4Runner!

    If you want to listen to his story first hand, check out his customer reviews on our Youtube and Instagram pages.

    Customer of the Month: Dusty

    Dusty bought a 2010 Toyota Tundra from us at our Lynwood location. He says that, without a doubt, this was the best truck he’s purchased. And the best experience he’s had at a dealership. 

    Dusty owns an RV and a trailer. So he needed something with a full tow package and a lot of power. He also wanted to be able to take the truck out on roads less traveled! Because his Ford Ranger just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

    Dusty's pick was this great toyota tundra

    One of our friendly sales reps worked with him not only to find a truck… but several trucks that would fit his needs. After narrowing it down to a few options, we were able to get him into the Tundra. And that was what he rolled off the lot with.

    Dusty uses his truck for just about everything! Hunting, trail-running, camping with his family, and even bringing it out to his job sites. One look at his ride and you can tell he puts it to good use!

    Check out his video testimonials on our Youtube and Instagram pages.

    Come Visit Us: Be the Next NWMS Customer of the Month!

    Be our next Customer of the Month at NWMS when you purchase your fabulous used vehicle at one of our dealerships!

    We know that buying a used vehicle isn’t always the easiest experience. Here at Northwest Motorsport, treating our customers with the respect they deserve is our number one priority. Our HILT values mean everything to us, and it’s proven successful! That’s how we’ve managed to open 11 locations across the great state of Washington and serve so many happy customers.

    Thank you to Garret and Dusty for becoming part of the NWMS family! We look forward to working with you again. Do you want to become part of the NWMS family? Well, check out our online inventory of cars, trucks, and SUVs, or come by the store for a visit!

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