Friday the 13th: Spooky Superstitions on the Road


For many, Friday the 13th is a day of superstitions. Whether that’s avoiding stepping on a crack or tossing salt over your shoulder, superstitions are extremely common. We spend a ton of time in our vehicles, so it makes sense that there are superstitions regarding driving. In honor of Friday the 13th, here are 13 driving-related superstitions.

13. Never drive with a broken mirror

According to superstition, broken mirrors bring bad luck, and that includes side mirrors! Even if you’re not feeling particularly superstitious, driving with a broken side mirror is dangerous and should be fixed. This superstition originated from ancient Romans who believed that a mirror reflected your soul.

12. Crushing lemons under the wheels for good luck

The tradition of crushing lemons under your vehicle comes from India. You prevent future accidents by crushing four lemons (one for each tire) under your wheels. Even if it doesn’t bring you good luck, it will make your tires smell great!

11. Green cars are bad luck


The color of your vehicle is always a hot topic. Some say red cars get more speeding tickets, and some even believe green vehicles are bad luck. Studies have actually found that black vehicles are the most likely to get into accidents. So don’t let superstition keep you from driving a green vehicle! We think they look awesome!

10. Bad luck if a black cat crosses the street in front of you

Black cats have been believed to bring bad luck. In medieval Europe, some even thought that witches could take the form of black cats. While they don’t bring you bad luck, you should always keep your eyes open for animals running across the street while driving. Black cats can be especially hard to see, so keep your eyes on the road and avoid distractions.

9. Parking in the same spot


Some drivers believe that parking in the same parking spot every day brings good luck. Even if it doesn’t bring you good luck, it could save time looking for a place to park every morning.

8. Bird poop = good luck

While it may not seem like a good thing, many actually believe that a bird pooping on your car brings you good luck. Of all the vehicles in the parking lot, that bird chose you! You should be honored.

7. Putting loose change under the seat of a new vehicle

Some people believe that putting loose change under the seat of a new car will bring good luck. Even if you’re not superstition, it could be a good practice. If you live in an area with toll bridges, having the extra change lying around could come in handy.

6. Scratch a new vehicle for good luck

We wouldn’t encourage this, but some believe that intentionally scratching your new vehicle brings good luck. The reasoning is that it gets the first accident out of the way. Driving safely is definitely going to be more effective. And who wants a scratch on their new truck?

5. Lucky charms


People have been keeping lucky charms in their vehicles for decades, whether it’s a lucky rabbit’s foot or pink fuzzy dice. The origin of fuzzy dice actually dates back to pilots in World War II. Whether or not they work, they can comfort drivers on long drives. They can also give a little extra personality to your ride.

4. Lifting your feet when crossing the train tracks

Lifting your feet when you cross the train tracks is one of the most common superstitions. The origin of this superstition comes from an old wife’s tale that lifting your feet will protect you if a train hits you. This is definitely not something we recommend testing out.

3. Holding your breath when driving through a tunnel


Another superstition for drivers is to hold their breath when they drive through a tunnel. The belief is that it will bring you good luck and protect you from any potential disasters. The idea is that if the tunnel collapses on you, holding your breath will help you survive. We don’t recommend this, especially if you’re driving through a long tunnel!

2. Holding your breath when driving by a graveyard

By holding your breath when you drive by a graveyard, you are supposedly protecting yourself from evil spirits. Others believe that it’s rude because you would be disrespecting the deceased who can’t breathe.

1. Hitting the roof of your vehicle when you drive through a yellow light

Chances are, you’ve probably seen someone touch the roof of their vehicle when they pass through a yellow light. This is seen as a way of thanking their vehicle for protecting them from being hit by another vehicle.

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