Finding Great Gifts for Truck Lovers this Holiday Season

great gifts for truck lovers this holiday season

Gift Ideas for Truck-Loving Loved Ones

As the holidays approach, it’s time to start thinking about gifts. While some of us will end up waiting until the last minute (even though we thought this year would be different!), it’s not a bad idea to get a head start. 

Chances are, someone in your life is a pickup truck owner. Maybe this person happens to love this truck, or loves trucks, period. We know we do – so maybe we’re projecting here. But whether it’s a buddy, a parent, a sibling, or one of your kids, if you know and love a truck lover, here are some great gifts to show your appreciation.

Kits: Great Gifts for Truck Lovers

Let’s start off with a few kits your loved one could use. 

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Emergency Roadside Kit

Safety first. This one is more practical than fun, but it’s important nonetheless – and truck lovers tend to appreciate practicality, anyway. It’s always a good idea to be prepared. You care about this person, and this is one way to show it. Check out this selection to see for yourself!

Car Care Kit

Help your truck lover show their truck some love. High-quality vehicle maintenance and cleaning supplies are always useful to have on hand. Wax, foam guns, microfiber towels, and more to help keep their ride shiny and pristine. Take a look at these kits on Amazon.

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Backup Camera Kit

While many trucks already include this feature, many don’t. As anyone who has one knows, it’s an incredibly convenient tool. And surprisingly affordable! Check these out to revolutionize your loved one’s experience of backing up.

Dashcam Kit

Staying with the “camera” theme, here is another gift possibility. These can be both practical and fun! They’re good to have in the event of an accident, especially if it’s a hit and run. Also, they’re great for capturing footage of wildlife, scenic drives, and road trips. If your gift recipient already has a backup cam, this could be a good addition. If they don’t, some kits include both! Amazon has a decent selection of these as well. 

Gifts for Truck Lovers: All the Accessories

Here are a few more options to help elevate the truck experience of the person on your list. Whether they harness the power of their truck to get heavy-duty work done, or for off-the-clock fun, some of these accessories can be game-changers.

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Floor Mats

Help them protect their truck’s floors with high-quality, all-weather floormats. Shop around for the perfect fit, color, and design for your pickup truck owner.

Vehicle Trash Can

If they tend to take long trips, have kids to drive around, or even just spend much time on their daily commute, trash is an inevitability. Help simplify their truck-cleaning routine with a vehicle trash can. This could be extremely helpful to the messier truck lovers among us, removing the temptation to just toss that crumpled-up napkin on the floor. 

Towing Accessories

From comprehensive towing kits to just ball mounts for hitches, to towing straps and recovery straps, there are a number of towing accessories you could give your loved one. 

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Cargo Stabilizer Bar

Truck owners are often called upon to help others move, among other things. That’s just one reason why we love them! Help them keep everything in their truck bed snug and secure. Here’s a well-reviewed cargo stabilizer bar on Amazon that your truck lover (and their cargo) will be sure to appreciate. 

Truck Bed Tent

Ok, this one probably won’t get a ton of use this season, but, when the weather warms up, it can be a game-changer for someone who loves the outdoors. Your truck lover can take their camping game to the next level with a truck bed tent. They love their truck – but have they had the experience of sleeping comfortably in the truck bed under the stars? If not, this may be the way to go.

everyone loves a good truck bed tent

Bed Accessories

What else will keep them “on the right side of the bed?” Well, you could give them a truck bed mat, truck bed liner spray for that extra shine, or a stylish and effective tonneau cover to secure cargo, protect the bed, and improve fuel efficiency.

Windshield Cover

Nobody enjoys scraping snow and ice from their windshields. It’s not a great way to start the day. Help your loved one improve this experience with a windshield cover to protect their windshield wipers and keep the interior at a more desirable temperature (all year round!).

Gifts for Truck Lovers in the Swag/Merch Department

Last, but not least – what about some fun truck swag and merch? Loving trucks is a way of life. Here are some gifts for someone who is all about their truck.

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Travel Mug/Thermos

If they’re on the go a lot, they might appreciate a quality heated thermos or travel mug. Or – if they really love their truck – you could get a personalized mug with a photo of their truck on it. This might be a bit much… and typically requires a couple weeks’ time to get delivered. But, if they have a sense of humor for it, this would definitely be a unique and unexpected tribute to their truck.

A Truck Coffee Table Book

They might enjoy a thorough, detailed coffee table book about classic trucks, or the history of their preferred truck manufacturing company. Here’s one about the history of Ford Trucks, and here’s another if they’re a Chevrolet fan. It’s the kind of thing someone might not buy for themselves, but would still really enjoy it. This also goes for wall calendars or magazine subscriptions.


There are sweatshirts and hoodies, T-shirts, or even pajamas that pay tribute to the beauty of trucks!

Celebrate Your Friends and Family with these Great Gifts for Truck Lovers

great gifts for truck lovers

As we said above, truck owners are often called upon to help friends and families with projects and moves. They deserve to be celebrated – and the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to do so for the truck lovers in your life!

If all this talk about trucks is getting you thinking that maybe it’s time to look into getting one for yourself, check out our inventory to see what we have to offer!