The History of Northwest Motorsport

The Company History of Northwest Motorsport

A Brief Company History of Northwest Motorsport

When you think of the best place for used vehicles, we hope the first name you think of is Northwest Motorsport. We’ve worked hard over the years, providing high-quality trucks, cars, and SUVs that people can rely on. We’ve worked so hard that we can officially call ourselves the largest independent truck dealer on the west coast. 

That didn’t happen overnight, though. As we said, we’ve been working hard for years, so let’s take a trip down memory lane. It’s time to appreciate all that diligent labor that got us where we are today. Let’s take a look at the history of Northwest Motorsport.

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The History of Northwest Motorsport and Developing Our Trusted Name

Northwest Motorsport is one of the most trusted names on the west coast for used vehicles. However, our company wasn’t born that way! We had to work our way from the ground up to build the NWMS empire we have today. Come back in time with us and let’s discover where Northwest Motorsport came from.

Northwest Motorsport was founded in 1996 by a Washington local. What once operated as a modest automotive wholesale buying company run out of a small office in Kent has grown into the largest independently owned used auto dealer on the West Coast.

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Opening “The House”

The first brick and mortar location, ran by 5 individuals, was established in March of 2003, in Puyallup, WA. The early 2000s were a productive time for us at Northwest Motorsport. We worked long hours to provide the kinds of quality vehicles that are synonymous with our name today. The company and name continued to spread and grow. We grew so much that we got the attention of the Seattle Mariners’ legendary player, Jay ‘Bone’ Buhner.

a brief company history of northwest motorsport

“Tell ‘Em Bone Sent Ya!”

Buhner happened upon one of our custom-lifted Toyota Tacoma’s on Craigslist and soon after brought his son in for a test drive. Upon meeting the team and sharing his mutual love for drool-worthy trucks, he formed a quick bond with the staff, and the rest is history! Bone joined our team as the official spokesperson in 2008; he was the perfect representation of our customers, brand, and HILT – but we’ll get into that later! 

Better known today as “The House,” our 1502 River Road location could not withstand the amount of business NWMS was generating by 2009, mostly in part thanks to Buhner. Within 2 years, the House team expanded their operation just one mile down the street, taking up home in an expansive, existing auto dealership store… quickly doubling their team of 15 to 30!

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Expanding the Northwest Motorsport Name

Northwest Motorsport gained many things through their acquisition of the second location in Puyallup; one of many being a large service shop, complete with detail and parts centers. The crew went to work not only in their day-to-day roles within the company but put countless hours into the much-needed upgrades around the dealership. New leadership within the company meant a renewed vision, which included significant involvement from our spokesperson and of course the famous slogan “Trucks, trucks, and more trucks!

Four-hundred River Road sparked a new era for the Northwest Motorsport team. Truck connoisseurs from neighboring states would travel long distances for their custom NWMS rigs, and in exchange, their hometown plates found a new home on our walls. The out-of-state popularity made management realize once again, the business was overflowing and our trucks were flying off the lot. Inventory expanded in 2014, and so did our real estate. A state of the art facility was constructed in early 2014 on Valley Avenue in Puyallup to house more vehicles and even more employees. Subsequently, locals began to recognize Northwest Motorsport as a household name. 

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A Household Name

After that, two more stores opened on our home turf in 2016, which was the peak expansion time for Northwest Motorsport. This year marked the opening of 4 stores in 3 new cities. Snohomish County, WA is home to 4 Northwest Motorsport locations, including our newest store in Marysville which opened in 2018. Between this time, we managed to dig our roots into Puyallup by opening an entire facility dedicated to our Corporate team as well as open a retail store solely for our Premium Collection vehicles. 

In 2018, we made another move across county lines, this time into Spokane. We’ve continued to expand to more locations in Washington, culminating in our ability to say that we are the #1 independent truck dealer in the U.S.! 

If that sounds pretty incredible, well, we agree with you! It wasn’t just our hard work and determination that got us here, though. A large part of what helped us achieve these landmark goals are the values and principles underlying every branch of the Northwest Motorsport family.

Of course, that’s our motto that drives everything here at NWMS: HILT. That’s Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, and Trust. 

Trucks, trucks, and more trucks

The Philosophy That Made Northwest Motorsport the Best in the Business

Looking back at the company history of Northwest Motorsport, you’ll see plenty of changes. New locations, new extensions of the business, but one thing always remains the same. That’s the commitment we have to our fellow employees, and most importantly, our customers

Meanwhile, those values are exemplified in our company’s core philosophy, HILT. That’s Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, and Trust. Those are the values that we built our company on, and those are the values we pass on to our customers in every experience at Northwest Motorsport. 

Building the Northwest Motorsport Family

When you shop with Northwest Motorsport for your next used vehicle, one of the key differences you’re going to experience is the feeling of family we exude. We do that by taking our core values: HILT to heart. 

Our HILT values were the basis for the creation of Northwest Motorsport as you know it today. Throughout the history of Northwest Motorsport, it remains at the core of everything we do. 

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Passing Our HILT Values on to Our NWMS Customers

In any of our 11 locations, you’ll find our employees dressed and speaking casually and comfortably. There’s no intimidation factor, no difficult-to-understand jargon, just honest values. Likewise, we treat each customer who walks through our door the same way we would treat a member of our family walking through the door.

Northwest Motorsport does that by offering high-quality vehicles at affordable prices in a way that makes sense for you. We encourage people to take the time after the test drives to really consider what they need. For instance, we’ll even help guide you if you feel like you’re not quite sure what you’re after. 

Are finances a concern? We would never want to put someone in a tough financial situation. That’s why we provide our own financing experts to help you make sense of what is truly in your budget. 

To clarify, we would never put a customer in a vehicle we knew wasn’t right for them. That goes for style, usage, and most importantly, price. In other words, you don’t get to be the most successful independent truck dealer by cutting corners and taking advantage of people. We know the key to continued success lies in our ability to provide our customers with the best experience possible. 

That’s why being part of the NWMS family means exemplifying our HILT standards in every interaction.

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The History of Northwest Motorsport and the Legacy of Tomorrow

Northwest Motorsport is more than just the biggest independent truck dealer in the United States. We’re family and friends who work together toward a common goal. That is to say, it’s the same goal we’ve been working toward since the company was founded more than 20 years ago. To provide folks with the best-used vehicles that money can buy, at a price that makes sense. We take those goals with us into the office every morning and uphold them all day long. 

Perhaps more importantly, we take those values home with us at night. We live them every day. It’s a big part of what has made the history of Northwest Motorsport so long and illustrious. It’s a big part of what’s going to make our future even brighter!

Above all, if you want to become part of the Northwest Motorsport family, take some time to browse the selection of beautiful trucks we have. The Northwest Motorsport website works with our same principles, but if you want to see a friendly face, too, come on down to any of our Washington locations.