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Meet the NWMS Customer Care Center Team

customer care center at northwest motorsport

How We Take Care of You

Here at Northwest Motorsport, our reputation is built on H.I.L.T. values. That means taking the best possible care of our customers! This is always a top priority – before, during, and after every sale. 

Excellent customer service makes a world of difference, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without sticking close to our core principles. On that note, let us introduce our Customer Care Center Team!

What is the Customer Care Center?

the customer care center is here to help customers and receive customer feedback

Northwest Motorsport founded the Customer Care Center in 2017. The previous year was an incredible year of growth for the business. Four new locations opened, bringing the total to eleven (and counting!). Customers were responding more and more to the way we do business.

This led to the development of our Customer Care Center. The idea was to create a unique, well-rounded customer experience by streamlining our methods of receiving and responding to customer feedback. The Customer Care Center facilitates customer feedback to all of the respective departments within our organization.

Answering Questions and Resolving Concerns

the customer care team is dedicated to answering customer questions and resolving concerns

Part of selling used vehicles includes the possibility of mechanical concerns appearing after a vehicle is purchased. This comes with the territory, but we think it’s important that customers leave satisfied, and stay satisfied. 

Our Customer Care Center team is ready to meet any concerns that may crop up. Our team is well-versed in helping you navigate any issues you run into. We’re here to find quick, efficient, and comprehensive resolutions and answers to your questions.

Receiving and Responding to Your Feedback! 

The Customer Care Center was also created to help us process all the feedback we were receiving – especially the positive stuff that helps energize us! We like to hear about our customers’ experiences and want to see as many reviews as possible. It’s important our customers have a place to express feedback so we know what’s working, and what we could improve on.

Sometimes a proud, new owner wants to connect with our social media team to do a vehicle walk around. Perhaps they want to leave a review with DealerRater, or give a shout out to a specific sales rep who helped make their car buying experience outstanding. Our Customer Care Center team is ready for any questions, concerns, or service requests!

Meet Our Customer Care Representatives!

customer care center representative ericka and shayla

Without further ado, we’d like to proudly introduce the team! Ericka Curtis and Shayla Nelson are both vital, irreplaceable members of the NWMS family. They’re both great listeners and dedicated team players. They’re also appreciators of Free Lunch Fridays and big believers in the importance of having an office dog! 

We’re proud to have them on the team because they truly represent NWMS at our best. More importantly, though, they represent you! They’re here to listen to what you have to say, meet your requests, and address any concerns or feedback you’d like to share.

How to Get in Touch with the Customer Care Center

You can reach out to our Customer Care Center any time! Contact the CCC today at 833-407-4152! Shayla and Ericka are ready and waiting to make sure that you have the best car-buying experience possible.