NWMS Buyer’s Guide for Work Truck Accessories

work truck accessories

From the Cab to the Cargo Area: All the Best Accessories for your Truck

six of the best work truck accessories you can get

You bought your truck because you have serious work to do. Trucks are great for off-roading and moving, but most of all, they’re great for getting tough jobs done. Whether you work in contracting or like to make extra money plowing, you rely on your truck. While you might already have the best truck for your needs, you can always get more bang for your buck. If you want more utility out of your truck, take a look at some useful work truck accessories! 

The 6 Best Accessories For Your Work Truck

seat covers are one of the best work truck accessories

6. Seat Covers

If your truck is your daily ride to dirty job sites, you know how much of a mess your truck can look like by the end of the week. No doubt you’re used to coming home with some grease on your hands and mud on your jeans. But when the week finally ends and your truck is still covered in mud, do you really want to take more time to clean your cab?

One great way to make the process easier is to buy some seat covers for your cab. There are seat covers made from all different kinds of materials. The best ones for your work truck are the seat covers that you can simply remove and machine wash. Throw your seat covers in the wash on Friday night, slip them back on your truck Monday morning, and you’re ready for the next job.

one of the best work truck accessories you can have is a truck rack

5. Truck Rack 

A trunk rack is a great idea for you if you use your truck to carry heavy equipment. Ladders, shovels, extension cords, it can all make a real mess out of your truck bed. A trunk rack is a simple way to keep your gear organized and easy to access.

Any truck rack you buy should come with all of the pieces to easily install it yourself.

be sure to check out truck caps

4. Truck Cap 

While a trunk rack is a great accessory for your work truck, it still leaves your gear exposed to the elements. Whether you want to protect your truck bed from the weather or from prying eyes, sometimes you want your truck bed covered. If you need extra protection for your valuables, a truck cap is a great option.

Installing one isn’t an easy job for one person, but with a little help, you can do it at home.

we love running boards

3. Running Boards 

If you’re frequently picking up and dropping off folks in your truck, running boards are really helpful. Of course, it helps people get in and out of your truck easily. It’s an especially good idea to install running boards If you’re the proud owner of a lifted truck.

Besides aiding folks in getting in and out of your truck, it’s also great protection. It’s a place for you to be able to wipe the mud off your boots so you don’t grind it into the carpets. Running boards also act as a shield from debris that gets kicked up by your tires. It will save your interior, and your paint job too!

who wouldn't love a good bug sheild for their work truck

2. Bug Shield 

This is another great work truck accessory for trucks that tend to get a lot of passengers and a lot of miles. You’ve probably seen a bug shield before and thought it was just a fashion accessory, but it’s functional, too!

Some trucks spend all day on the highway. Back and forth on the highway, from job site to job site, to pick up the kids, and everywhere in between. If this is you, then you know how often you have to wipe the bug splatter your windshield. A bug shield won’t mean you never clean your windshield again, but it does mean you’ll be able to see the road in front of you.

headache racks are great work truck accessories

1. Headache Rack

This is a very nonchalant name for a work truck accessory that can save your life. If you frequently haul heavy materials in your truck bed, this isn’t just a suggestion. A headache rack is necessary to keep you, your passengers, and other drivers safe on the road.

Again, this is something you’ve probably seen but maybe didn’t understand the purpose for. But if you regularly haul heavy equipment, you know the feeling. Every time you hit the brakes, your eyes dart to the rearview mirror to see if a ladder is going to come crashing through your window. A headache rack is going to save you from the headaches of broken windows and serious injury. 

The Best Work Truck Accessories for the Best Work Trucks

the best work truck accessories for the best work trucks

Your work truck is an extension of yourself. If you buy the best tools for yourself, why not buy the best tools for your truck, too? You and your truck both work hard, it deserves the best work truck accessories you can install.

While we love our work truck accessories, the only thing we know better is the trucks themselves! If you’re looking for a truck that works as hard as you do, head over to our website. We’ve got the best quality used trucks that the Northwest can offer!