What is My Car Worth? Try an Online Car Appraisal!

see how NWMS can help you do an online car appraisal

How to Sell Your Car Without Leaving Your Home 

New year, new truck, new you, right? Well, if you have an old car or truck hanging out in front of your house with a for-sale sign, you still have some work to do. Are you looking for a way to sell your car conveniently and quickly? What if you could get a real cash offer on your car without ever leaving your home? 

At Northwest Motorsport, we know that convenience is king. That’s why we want to make selling your car as easy as possible! If you want to get rid of your old vehicle and get that upgrade you’ve been looking for, you came to the right place. Here’s how you can get an online car appraisal from Northwest Motorsport!

What is My Car Worth? Try an Online Car Appraisal!

How to Sell Your Car or Truck Online to Northwest Motorsport

There’s nothing we love more than a beautiful, pre-owned vehicle. We want to make the process of selling your car as easy as possible. However, if you want to make that deal in-person, here’s everything you need to know about selling your car or truck at one of our dealerships. But if you want to do it all from home, you can get an online car appraisal. All you need to do to begin is click right here and Northwest Motorsport walks you through it!

The Basics 

We start the process with the basics. Here, you will fill out some information on your vehicle and yourself.

find out how to sell your car or truck online to Northwest Motorsport

Getting Your Car’s Vehicle History

Every car we sell at Northwest Motorsport comes with a CarFax vehicle history report. It’s a basic list of all of the major maintenance, repairs, and replacements the car has had. The first thing we need to know, though, is just the simple stuff. 

 To get started, we need your car’s make, model, and year.

Getting in Touch with You

Next, we need your contact information. All we ask for is your first and last name as well as your email address and a phone number. When we have everything we need, one of our real-life appraisal experts will get in touch with you.

make sure you get your car's vehicle history before doing an online car appraisal


You’re ready for step two once you’ve entered your contact information and basic car information. All you need to do is to snap some photos with your phone and upload them.

Make sure you take pictures of any major scrapes, dents, or other blemishes. This helps our appraisers give you the most accurate offer for your car. You’re almost done! Drop the pictures into the box and click “Next Step.”

online car appraisals are a blessing and simple to do with NWMS


The final step of the online car appraisal process is getting the finishing details on your vehicle.

Our Own Vehicle Inspection

We need your car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and mileage. This allows our appraisers to see your car’s vehicle history through the VIN. The mileage gives us an idea of what kind of shape your vehicle is in.

Knowing What We Can Expect to Receive

If you own your car outright, we expect to receive exactly what we’re looking at. If you’re still paying off your car loan, there’s that little extra we need to consider. We will ask you to let us know of any remaining balance on your car that we would take on during the purchasing process.

Finally, we want to know how you would rate your own vehicle on a scale of 1-5!

an online car appraisal is the convenient pathway to success!

Online Car Appraisals: the Convenient Path

Of course, the best part of getting your online car appraisal is the convenience factor! Filling out information on your end should only take about 10 minutes. Once you send us that information, our expert, real-life car appraisers get to work. 

Northwest Motorsport has performed thousands of appraisals and purchases, and we’d love to add your vehicle to the collection! Your cash offer will come from one of our appraisers as soon as possible after receiving your information. The only thing you need to do from there? Figure out which truck will be your next one!