What Questions Should You Ask During A Test Drive?

Information You Need to Know When Buying a Car

Test driving a car is your time to discover essential information about a prospective vehicle. You want to get a much better sense of the car than just whether it has a CD player and air conditioning. What sort of things should you be looking out for, and what should you ask a car dealer about? If you want to know the essential questions to ask on a test drive, keep reading!

what questions should you ask during a test drive

Questions to Ask on a Test Drive that Get Results

Here are some important questions to ask on a test drive. These aren’t the only questions you should ask, but they are some of the more pertinent ones.

How Many Previous Owners Has the Car Had?

If you’re looking at a used vehicle, this is the most important question. And it should be the first thing you ask. If a car has passed hands a lot of times, that’s a red flag. Extenuating circumstances aside, if it’s a good vehicle, people are going to want to hang on to it. 

If you really like the car but it has had lots of previous owners, ask the dealer if they know why any of the previous owners let it go. It could be that it wasn’t a good fit for someone, which is understandable. Or it could be something more serious, like not being well suited to your geographic environment.

there are lots of questions to ask on a test drive

Has This Car Been in an Accident?

If you’re looking for questions to ask on a test drive, this is one of the most important questions to pose. If a car has been in an accident, it means that the car is going to have a shorter life, generally speaking. Accidents cause damage, that’s not a mystery. That damage can affect a vehicle in ways that aren’t easy to see, though. They can also be the cause of costly repairs in the future. 

When you shop with Northwest Motorsport we provide the Carfax for you to peruse and make sure everything meets your standards.

How is the Fuel Economy?

If you’ve owned a car before, you know that paying for your car doesn’t end with your monthly payments. You need to think about repairs, maintenance, upkeep, and also how much you spend at the gas station. Fuel efficiency is going to affect how much you spend at the gas station. And how much you spend on your car in general. 

be sure to ask if the car or truck has had any modifications or many previous owners?

Has This Car Had Any Modifications?

Modifications can affect your insurance. Many insurance companies judge a vehicle with modifications as a higher risk, i.e. risk of accident and risk of theft. Modifications like lift kits might be the personal touch you’re looking for when buying a used vehicle. In which case, go for it! However, if your vehicle needs are more utilitarian, it’s probably not worth the added hassle of buying a modified vehicle.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Anything!

If something didn’t feel right when you were test-driving the vehicle, ask about it! A good car dealer has nothing to hide. Even if it felt like just a small hiccup, you want to know about any problems previous owners have had. A small problem now can mean much bigger problems later. So don’t worry about making a mountain out of a molehill. You want to know exactly what you’re getting. 

always ask questions when test driving a car

Always Ask Questions When Test Driving

Sometimes you might feel embarrassed to complain about something (seemingly) small. However, when you’re buying a vehicle, it’s never something small. Your vehicle is one of the biggest investments you make in your life. It affects how you transport and feed your family, how you work, and how you play. 

Make sure you know everything you need to know before you sign a check and make sure you ask these questions when taking a test drive! Northwest Motorsport’s collection of used vehicles are ready for test drives… and all the questions you want to ask.