Ram Diesel Powered Trucks Deliver with Gusto!

The sound of a diesel engine firing up just beneath the hood of a RAM truck shortly after being started is music to the ears of truck lovers across the nation.

Lifted Ram 2500

People who choose RAM diesel trucks are the kind of individuals who eagerly anticipate the sound of pulsating noise from their coveted engine emanating just beneath the hood of their trucks when beginning their day every morning. RAM trucks with diesel engines are known for their ability to confidently tow massive loads across mountain passes, rugged terrain, and through the wilderness to your favorite camping spot. Diesel engines in RAM trucks utilize less fuel per mile than their gasoline-powered engines in RAM rigs.

The two main types of diesel engines featured in RAM trucks are Turbodiesel and Ecodiesel engines. Ecodiesel engines, which are typically the engine of choice for Ram 1500 models, have been utilized in RAM trucks since 2014. Turbodiesel engines, which are the engine of choice in RAM 3500 and RAM 2500 trucks, are known for their horsepower to perform admirably while perusing higher altitudes, which is perfect for mountainous regions.

The latest 2022 RAM truck diesel engine options available are the 6.7L high output Cummins Turbodiesel, 6.7L Cummins Turbodiesel, and 3.0L V-6 Ecodiesel engines. Each of these diesel engines provides drivers with a unique skillset under the hood. The 3.0L Ecodiesel has a towing capacity of 12,560 pounds, possesses 480 pounds per foot of torque, and has 260 horsepower. The 6.7L Cummins Turbodiesel features 850 pounds per foot of torque, a massive 20,000 pounds of towing capacity, and 370 horsepower.

Lifted Ram 2500

Of all the diesel engines in RAM trucks, there is one that stands out above the rest, the 6.7L high output Cummins Turbodiesel. This is the ideal engine for the RAM 3500 truck. It features a staggering 1,075 pounds per foot of torque, 420 horsepower, and a massive 37,090 pounds of towing capacity.

We’re ecstatic to have a large contingent of RAM trucks with diesel engines underneath the hood. Right now, we’ve got more than 45 RAM trucks featuring powerful diesel engines at our 11 locations spanning Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Our prices range quite a bit depending on the specifications of each rig. Our heftiest price tag currently is just under $90,000 while our most affordable option is just a tad under $33,000. Having this wide price range to go along with our multitude of vehicles on our lots, ensures those seeking a RAM diesel truck can find exactly what fits their needs and aspirations. The model years on the current RAM diesel trucks span from 2006 through 2021.