NWMS takes the hassle out of selling your vehicle

There are plenty of reasons you might have for wanting to sell your vehicle. Maybe you have your eyes on a new lifted truck and need to clear up some driveway space. Or you could just want some extra cash in your pockets. Whatever the reason, Northwest Motorsport is here to make the selling process as easy as possible.

You can try selling your vehicle on websites like Craigslist, but that means taking photographs and sifting through all the spam messages to find serious buyers. You could even go the old-school route and put a sign up in the window of your truck and hope one of your neighbors wants a new rig. But let’s be honest, that could take months. You don’t want to wait that long. Good thing is, you don’t have to.

Instead, save yourself all the time and frustration by selling your vehicle to Northwest Motorsport! In no time, you’ll have a check in your hand. With our simple six-step solution, our process is here to save you time.

At Northwest Motorsport, we love our big, lifted trucks, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in your sedan or SUV. We are interested in vehicles of all shapes and sizes!

Let’s go through the quick process of selling your vehicle!

Step 1. Go online


Head on over to the NWMS website and fill out our super easy online appraisal form to get a cash offer from one of our appraisal experts in no time. A lot of this process can be done from home, so you don’t even have to go into a physical location until later. Don’t worry; when you reach out to Northwest Motorsport to sell your vehicle, you will be dealing with a real person who will get you a fair offer.

When filling out the form, it’s important to give as much information as possible. The more description, the more accurate the estimate you’ll get back. Make sure to include information like the vehicle identification number, the number of miles and a list of any modifications or repairs the vehicle has received.

Step 2. Let our buyers work their magic

Now that you’ve submitted the sell-your-vehicle form, the NWMS buying team will look over the information you provided and do as much research as possible. This step involves you doing nothing. Just let our buying experts do their thing and present you with a fair cash offer. The buying team at Northwest Motorsport believes in providing transparent pricing.

Step 3. Receive your estimate

After the buying team presents you with an estimated cash offer, you can decide if that number works for you. This part might involve going back and forth with the buyer, but the goal of the negotiation is all about reaching a number that works for both sides. At Northwest Motorsport, we are proud of our HILT (honesty, integrity, loyalty and trust) principles and those qualities are applied to everything we do. There is no rush for you to take an offer right away, and with a big decision like selling a vehicle, taking time to go over your options is always wise.

Step 4. Bring your vehicle in for an inspection


If you decide that you’re interested in accepting the cash offer, the next step is to come down to our 1806 River Road location in Puyallup for an inspection. The buying expert will verify the vehicle's condition to ensure everything is in working condition. Our ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) licensed technicians might also check the condition of any repairs or aftermarket parts.

Step 5. Fill out the paperwork


If our experts have given the vehicle the green light, it’s time to make the deal official. That means filling out the paperwork! Don't worry; most of that paperwork is on our end. You’ll provide the buyer with the car title, and they will get to work on doing all the paperwork. If your vehicle is currently being financed, you will need to provide the registration, your driver’s license and information about where it’s being financed.

Step 6. Get a check


Once you’ve put pen to paper, your buyer will enter all the necessary information to complete the sale. This process should only take about 30 minutes, so grab a cup of coffee and relax for a bit. Maybe you want to check out that jacked up truck in our lot while you wait? We wouldn’t blame you if you did. In no time, your buyer will be handing you a big ol’ check with your name on it. How easy was that? It’s not quite as easy as one, two, three; but six steps isn’t too bad.

With our painless, six-step selling process, you will turn your truck, SUV or sedan into cash! No hassle and no dealing with Craigslist bots filling up your inbox.

What about a trade-in?


Now that you’re selling your vehicle, you might have some empty garage space for a new rig. Maybe a lifted Ford F-150? Or a diesel Ram 2500? What about a Toyota 4Runner for your next camping trip? While you’re at one of our Northwest Motorsport locations, you might be interested in checking out our unbeatable selection of vehicles. If one of our lifted rigs or diesel trucks catches your eye, Northwest Motorsport can also do a trade-in if you're interested. When you choose to trade in your old vehicle, you'll save money because you'll pay less in sales tax.