Get the most out of your Tacoma truck with these 10 accessories

Toyota Tacoma trucks come off the lot ready for almost anything, but there are plenty of after-market accessories that can boost performance and safety.


Here are 10 accessories you can add to your Tacoma truck!

1. Bumpers


If you’re taking your Tacoma off-roading, you’re accepting that your truck might take a beating. An aftermarket bumper can provide improved durability than what you would find on a stock truck. Another potential reason to add an aftermarket bumper to your Tacoma is the improved ground clearance.

2. Skid plates

Going off-road in your Tacoma truck is always a good time, but without the proper protection you can do some serious damage to the underside of your rig. Sticks, branches and rocks can scrape your oil pan or fuel tank, resulting in an expensive fix. A skid plate is a protective covering that shields the underside of the vehicle. Some Tacoma trims, like the TRD Pro, come stock with a skid plate.

3. LED light bar

This one can be considered both cosmetic and functional. If you’re out on the trails and the sun starts to go down, having improved visibility is important. With a light bar, your Tacoma will also be more visible to other vehicles. LED light bars are lightweight and have a longer lifespan compared to bulbs.

4. Roof rack/bed rack


Get the most functionality out of your Tacoma, with a roof or bed rack. Whether you’re needing extra storage or you want to install a rooftop tent, a rack can add more functionality to your rig. A bed rack is perfect for securely storing your bike or kayak as you head out for your weekend getaway.

5. Rooftop tents

With the growing popularity of overlanding, rooftop tents have become a common sight on the trails. Sometimes they are used as a fashion statement, but there are plenty of ACTUAL benefits to a rooftop tent. The first, and most obvious, benefit is the elevation. When your tent is on the ground, bugs and other creatures can find their way in your tent. Rooftop tents are easier to set up and tear down than traditional tents.

6. Recovery tools


Tacoma trucks are great off-roading rigs, but that doesn't mean you don’t have to be prepared for getting stuck. Getting stuck is part of the off-roading experience, so having recovery boards and/or a winch on your Tacoma can get you (or your buddy) out of those sticky situations. A winch uses cables and a motor to help pull you (or someone else) out of the mud or snow.

Having a winch is great for when you’re off-roading in your Tacoma, but not all sticky situations call for it. If you just need a little extra traction in the mud, recovery boards can give you the boost that you need to get moving. Just place these textured boards under your tires for some extra traction.

7. Air compressors

Having an air compressor can come in handy when you’re going to be going back and forth between the pavement and the trails. When you take your Tacoma off-road, reducing your tire pressure can improve traction and reduce the chance of popping a tire on a sharp object. But once you’re back on pavement, it’s important to reinflate your tires back to normal. Having an air compressor installed on your truck or a portable compressor, makes it easy to keep your tires properly inflated for any situation.

8. Truck bed cover

Truck beds are great for storage and loading things, but they are open to the elements. A truck bed cover allows you to protect your stuff from the rain and dirt. There are also bed covers that come with locks, so your gear is safe.

9. Bed storage system

Whether you’re storing tools or camping gear, a bed storage system can give you an organized and secure place to put your stuff. Whether you need a system with pull out drawers, or just a small weatherproof box that sits on the wheel well, there are plenty of ways to get the most functionality out of your Tacoma’s bed.

10. Lift kit


Lifted Tacoma trucks look awesome, but style isn’t the only reason to add a few inches to your rig. There are TONS of reasons to put a lift kit on your Tacoma, from improved ground clearance to the ability to install larger tires for better traction.

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Toyota Tacoma trucks make great off-roading rigs. They’re tough and reliable while still being easy to maneuver. Another reason for their popularity amongst the off-roading crowd is the ability to customize and modify the rig to meet your specific needs.

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If you’re looking to learn more about these trucks, check out our blog on Tacoma trucks here!