Shoulda Bought a Truck: Fun Things to Do with a Truck

The fun things to do with a truck

The Most Fun You Can Have in a Pickup

As we grew up, many of us were fed the idea that convertible sedans were the absolute height of coolness. We’re sure you can imagine it now: hop on the highway, take your top-down, feel the breeze in your hair and the warm summer sun on your skin. Could it get any better?

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As truck enthusiasts, we’re telling you: it can. As great as convertibles are when the sun is shining, they’re not as versatile in other conditions. Especially here in the Pacific Northwest; how advantageous is that convertible when we get hit with snow or rain? Not to mention, you can’t even take it off the highway!

Oh, The Things to Do with a Truck!

Maybe you see where we’re going with this. With all our crazy weather, it should be clear life doesn’t only happen on sunshiny days. If you’re stuck between choosing a convertible or a truck, we’ll make the case for trucks. Trust us, there are so many fun things to do with a truck!


who doesn't love camping? it's one of the things to do with a truck that'll make camping easier

Owning a truck means you own a mobile campsite. If all you do is attach a tonneau cover to the bed of your pickup, you’re halfway there! Of course, those tonneau covers aren’t made to keep you completely warm while camping in the winter. They’re great for the summer though, and with some insulated lining, you can get some use out of it in the winter too.

It’s like a self-contained camper-you can store all of your fishing gear and food supplies in your pickup. After you set up the bed for camping, you’re good to go! If you want some extra ideas, take a look at these essential camping tips


who doesn't love tailgating?

This is another occasion that your truck is great for. If you’re into sports or music, we think it’s safe to say you like to see those events up close and personal. The only thing that makes watching a football game even more fun is having a party in the parking lot first! 

Your truck gives you all the space you need, but let’s talk about everything you need for tailgating:

  • Folding tables
  • A grill and charcoal/propane
  • Coolers and Ice
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Games

With a pickup truck, you’ve got your roaming party station ready and raring to go. Try and do that in your smart car!

Lift Kits and Customization

one of the things to do with a truck is getting it set up with a custom lift kit from NWMS

It’s no secret we think one of the best things to do with a truck is to get it lifted! What’s the point of driving a truck that looks like every other one rolling down the highway? Sure, you can customize any car, but they won’t cut the same intimidating silhouette that a lifted truck does.

With huge tires and gigantic suspension systems, it’s clear lifting your truck makes it look tough. Of course, there are other benefits to lifting your truck besides looking tough. Installing a lift kit also helps smooth out your ride when towing. It also gives you increased ground clearance which is helpful for our last fun thing to do with a truck… 


mudding is one of the fun things to do with truck

How could we talk about fun stuff to do with a truck without mentioning mudding? The absolute best, top of the line, no holds barred thing you can do with a truck is get it off the highway and into the mud. If you want to do some serious mudding, you’re not going to get far in your sedan before you’re just spinning your tires.

In your truck, there’s no element you can’t take on. Rolling over boulders, flinging mud as far as you can, there’s nothing quite like it. Your truck was made for tough work and hard towing, but there’s so much more they’re capable of. Try getting it off the beaten path and you’ll see, there’s nothing better than a truck

The Most Fun You Can Have on Four Wheels

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Not everyone needs a truck. Some folks just need a ride back and forth from work. You park it in the garage Monday through Friday, and it doesn’t get much more thought. But there is so much more to do with a truck!

They’re great for getting to work, but there’s a world of possibilities outside of that. You can use it to camp with your family, you can use it to blow steam on your days when you hit the dirt, you can even use it to be the star of the tailgating party!

The possibilities for fun in your pickup are only limited by your imagination. Of course, it might also be limited by you not having a pickup truck. If that’s convincing enough for you, head over to our online inventory and see what kind of truck we can put you in! Start having fun and stop saying to yourself “Man, I shoulda bought a truck.”

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