Explore the Northwest in a used Toyota truck

The Northwest is full of changing landscapes and unpredictable weather, so you need a truck that is tough and versatile. You can be sure that a used Toyota truck is ready for anything the Northwest can throw your way. Rain, snow or shine, the smaller quarter-ton Tacoma and the larger Tundra are ready to go.

What Toyota truck is right for me?

Both trucks are live up to Toyota’s reputation of building adventurous and durable vehicles. If you’re stuck deciding between the Tundra and Tacoma let’s go through each truck’s strengths.



It makes sense that when Toyota introduced the Tacoma in 1995, they chose a name that is deeply rooted in the Northwest. Coming from the Coast Salish name for Mount Rainier, the Tacoma trucks are a staple across the Northwest because of their adventurous, rugged attitude. Tacoma trucks are a common sight up on the snow packed ski resorts and wooded campgrounds.

When you’re looking for a used truck, you want to make sure it’s built to be durable and reliable and the Tacoma definitely delivers.

Whether you’re tearing up the trails or maneuvering through rush hour traffic, the compact size of the Tacoma makes it nimble and easy to drive in any environment.

The Tacoma may be smaller in stature, but that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. The 2022 Tacoma gets 278 horsepower and 265 lb.-ft of torque from the 3.5L V6 engine. Its 1,155 lbs. of payload and 6,800 lbs. of towing make the Tacoma a powerful force on the jobsite.

One of the biggest draws for the Tacoma is the off-road capabilities. The TRD and TRD Pro trim levels deliver increased ground clearance and improved shocks to allow you to crawl over obstacles The TRD Pro comes stock with a 1.5-inch lift and skid plates to protect the underside of the truck while driving through rough terrain. If you want even more height, an aftermarket lift kit can improve off-roading performance.



If you’re looking to haul a trailer out to the woods for a weekend getaway or tow your boat out to the lake, the powerful Toyota Tundra is ready for the challenge. With its increased payload and towing capacity compared to the Tacoma, the Tundra is a formidable force on and off the pavement.

The Tundra’s increased size and power shine when the truck is tasked with towing heavy loads. The 2022 Tundra can deliver 437 horsepower and 583 lb.-ft. of torque with the i-FORCE Max hybrid powertrain. With a maximum towing capacity of 12,000 lbs., the Tundra can effortlessly pull a trailer or boat.

There is no better example of the towing power of the Tundra’s power than when a stock truck famously towed the 292,000 lb. space shuttle Endeavour for 12 miles in 2012 .

When you think of American trucks, you probably don’t think of the Toyota Tundra; a truck made by a Japanese manufacturer. But Tundra trucks are actually made in San Antonio, Texas and has been since 2008. Before that, the Tundra was made in Indiana. When you drive a Tundra, you know you are behind the wheel of a hard-working American rig.

Just like its little brother, the Tundra has built a reputation of durability and reliability since its introduction in 1999. These full-size trucks are built to last while tackling the toughest jobs.

Why buy a used truck?


If you’re in the market for a new truck, you might get sticker-shock when you look at the price tags on those new rigs. Increased demand and low supply over the last couple years has caused the cost of new vehicles to skyrocket. If you’re not willing to shell out that much cash, you might consider buying a pre-owned truck.

By buying a used rig, you might be able to afford that top-of-the-line trim that would have been out of your price range on a new model. Also, not all new trucks are significant upgrades over their previous model. Trucks will often reuse the same powertrain and suspension for years. Yeah, you might miss out on that 12-inch touchscreen center display, but that isn’t going to help you tow more weight or increase payload.

Another concern is quality control with new vehicles. According to J.D. Power, vehicle quality has decreased by 11 percent in 2022 from the previous year. If you buy from a reputable and trustworthy pre-owned dealership, they will inspect each vehicle on their lot for potential problems.

Find your pre-owned Toyota truck at Northwest Motorsport


Both the Tacoma and Tundra have different strengths, but they are both tough and reliable rigs. Whether you’re looking for a brand new 2022 model or a pre-owned model, Toyota trucks are perfect for the Northwest.

At Northwest Motorsport we have over 90 Toyota trucks, including a huge selection of different trims and even lifted rigs. You can be assured that all of our pre-owned trucks have gone through a detailed 43-point safety inspection to ensure that everything is as good as new (or even better). We proudly partner with our good friends at Les Schwab to install premium lift kits and high-performance all-terrain tires to some of the rigs on our lots, including plenty of Toyota trucks. Go out and explore in a pre-owned Toyota Tundra or Tacoma from Northwest Motorsport.