What is HILT? The Core Principles of an Excellent Dealership


Used car dealerships have a reputation. Unfortunately, it’s not a very good one. So how did Northwest Motorsport get to be the largest independent truck dealer on the west coast? Well, we can tell you right now, it wasn’t by cutting corners and selling lemons. The reason we’re the folks people come to again and again for their used vehicle needs is because we abide by the principles of a dealership built to last. Of course, those are the HILT principles. What is HILT? Well, we’re glad you asked!


What makes a person a great friend? There are plenty of qualities that make a good friend, but here are some qualities that we believe make someone a great friend:

  • A friend that’s always honest with you
  • Someone that you know has your best interest at heart
  • A person you can turn to when you need help
  • Someone you can trust

Here at Northwest Motorsport, we know that great friends make relationships and bonds that last. That’s how we get customers who say that they never want to buy a truck from anyone else. By being great friends and treating everyone who walks through our doors like family. That’s why every member of our staff, from mechanics to sales managers, lives by the HILT principles.


There’s plenty of used vehicles to be had in Washington, so why choose Northwest Motorsport? Well, a great reason is that we’re trying to put other used-vehicle dealerships to shame. How do we do it? By bringing the principles we live by in our daily lives to work with us. Every member of the Northwest Motorsport family knows the HILT principles by heart because that’s how we live. So what exactly does HILT stand for?

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Trust

Every time you visit any of the 11 Northwest Motorsport locations you’ll see HILT posted proudly and in action! How do we put HILT into our daily practices, you ask?

Truck 3

When you talk to a member of our sales staff, we’re going to give you the bare-bones details. When you’re doing the right thing, you’ve got nothing to hide. That’s why we only provide the highest quality used vehicles.


One of the worst things used-car dealerships have a reputation for is backing folks into a corner. They try to get you interested in a car that’s outside of your price range, and maybe not even the car you want. All the scare tactics and intimidation just to get you to finance a car that will make them the most money. At NWMS we have our own team of credit experts who will get you a financing deal that makes sense to you and won’t put you in the poor house if you miss a payment.


Loyalty is a quality you want in any relationship. That’s why we have loyalty not just to our customers, but also to our vehicles. If we can’t stand behind a used-vehicle on our lot, we wouldn’t let you do it either. We offer optional service contracts that protect you after you’ve made your purchase so that you can rest easy knowing if anything goes wrong, we’re here for you. That’s why over 20% of all of our customers are returning customers!


Trust is a never-ending factor when you’re buying a used vehicle from Northwest Motorsport. From the moment you walk in the door to the moment you’re signing the papers, we want you to feel comfortable every step of the way. That’s why we have our expert sales staff, service department and credit experts to help you feel like you’re getting the vehicle you want at a price that makes sense to you and your wallet.

Don’t Buy Another Vehicle Without the HILT Principles Behind It

There are plenty of places you could buy your next used vehicle from in Washington. We want to give you a reason to make Northwest Motorsport the next dealership you buy a used vehicle from. We work hard every day to be transparent with every step of the buying process and we only offer the best quality used-vehicles that money can buy in Washington. So if you’re sick of the games that some other used dealerships play, come find out why Northwest Motorsport is the largest independent truck dealer on the west coast!