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Frequently Asked Questions


We will let you know when your plates have arrived via email, text or via mail. License plates can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to arrive at the dealership you purchased from. If you are curious about the status of your license plates, then feel free to track them online by clicking here! Just enter your last name and your email or phone number. If you already have a myNWMS account then just login here!

We do! It's super easy to do online too! Just click here.

Budget vehicles meet Washington State safety standards. These vehicles, while meeting these safety standards, have either other mechanical issues or cosmetic issues that are not quite up to NWMS standards, so we are selling them at super low prices, a great deal! These vehicles are sold As-Is, without warranty, and Northwest Motorsport will not repair or fix the vehicle after the sale at any time in the future. To view all of our Budget Vehicles for sales click here.

We hate to hear that you are not happy. Please fill out this form and we will be in contact shortly. Hopefully we can come to a mutual agreement and resolve your issue.


We know how exciting it can be when you find that perfect vehicle, so we do offer the option to place a deposit on a vehicle so that you can come pick it up in a timely manner. Contact the location that the vehicle is currently being held at via phone and we will send you all the details to make an easy online deposit via credit card. We make it super easy and you can complete the entire process online and come pickup your vehicle as soon as you are ready!

The amount of the deposit is dependant upon what you and your sales representative agree to. A minimum deposit of $500 is required on all vehicles, however, with unique vehicles we may ask for a larger deposit in order to hold the vehicle for you as we help you secure financing or finish the paperwork on a cash purchase of the vehicle.

As long as the vehicle has been accurately described to you during the deposit process, we unfortunately do not refund deposits on vehicles. If the vehicle has improperly represented we will gladly refund your deposit, however, if you place a deposit on a vehicle, please make sure it is the vehicle you want.

Get in contact with your salesperson, and we will send you an email with all the details to process the entire deposit online with your credit or debit card in minutes! Your vehicle will then be set aside for you to come pickup and obtain financing when you are ready!


To check if your vehicle qualifies for free delivery, please visit:

Of course! We sell vehicles all over the nation on a daily basis and make it super easy to purchase from us as well as obtain financing for you right from the comfort of your home. We recommend placing a deposit on a vehicle that you are interested in while going through the out of state sales process with your salesman.


Yes we do! We have experienced finance managers on site to help you get the best interest rate on your vehicle loan. We have been in business for over 8 years now, and have a greata reputation with banks from near to far. If you would like to get prequalified, just click here.

Yes you can! Visit the application here.

Of course you can! We work with many banks and credit unions already as well, in fact, we may already work with the bank that you do! If you would like us to try to beat the rate that you already got from you bank or credit union, just let you sales person know. If we can help you save money, we will!