I’m nervous about buying a used vehicle, how do I know I am not getting a lemon?

Northwest Motorsport prides itself on doing right by the customer. We understand that a vehicle purchase is a big event, and we want to make sure the process is as transparent as possible. We have the Carfax for most of our vehicles viewable on our website - free to download. And, if it’s not on our website for some reason, we provide a copy of the Carfax at the point of sale in every transaction. The CarFax provides valuable pre-purchase information about the vehicle.

Our vehicles go through a uniform, pre-sale inspection. This inspection is time-tested, and makes sure that the vehicle meets our high standards. We also allow and encourage you to test drive the vehicle before you make the purchase. You can even have the vehicle inspected at a service shop of your choice.

To help protect you against unforeseen issues, we sell optional service contracts that tend to cover major mechanical failures that happen when driving the vehicle. These contracts come in varying degrees of coverage and are optional to purchase. A Finance Manager will review the options available for these, and other products, at the point of sale. If you purchase one of the service contracts, you will be provided a list of what items are covered in the packet that you have selected.