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Ericka Curtis



Hi! My name is Ericka and I've been with Northwest Motorsport since February 2016. I've worked in the automotive industry for 12 years, specifically in a Service Department role. Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Trust is what our company stands for, it is an honor to work with a group of people who truly stand behind H.I.L.T, both on and off the job. Working in the Customer Care Center is extremely rewarding to me; not only are we able to ensure our customer's satisfaction, but we are also able to hold our team accountable, enabling them to grow and develop. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!



Keely Scott



I have been with Northwest Motorsport since July 2016; however, Customer Service has been my preferred career for over 10 years. I enjoy helping people; answering questions and finding solutions to everyday problems has become one of my passions. Northwest Motorsport is like a home away from home for me and the company’s core values have become my own. Northwest Motorsport holds to a code of conduct we refer to as H.I.L.T. It stands for Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Trust and I have grown to live by these principals in my work and home life. Not only is Northwest Motorsport the best place to get a new car it’s also the best place to work!



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Northwest Motorsport is known for being the largest truck center on the west coast but we also want to be known for having the best experience and customer service in the Automotive Industry. We are here for you before, during and after your purchase. We are H.I.L.T and we are glad to have you as our customer.